Vision Statement

To put best efforts to provide professional and quantitative education and quality through the leadership to fulfill society needs and aspirations to be an icon for academic excellence and contribute to the nation by producing children enriched with pedagogic knowledge and cultural values

Transforming our children to learn and perform ethically with passion along with the development of their inter-personal and professional skills to produce dynamic and versatile personality who will foster balanced and sustainable growth of our economy and of our society as well.

Our Effort Focuses On :
1.) Imparting quality education to the children and development of right kind of attitude not only for achievement of excellence in all areas but also with the ethical and honest efforts. Imbibe in the children ethical, cultural and moral values to strengthen their roots.
2.) Inculcating a sense of discipline, respect for Indian cultural heritage, leadership qualities and a strong and positive character.
3.) Ensuring all-round development of a child through multiple extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
4.) Development of a strong communication skills both written and verbal (in Hindi as well as in English language) of every child.
5.) Most importantly, development of the unique inner strength of every child which ultimately a decisive parameter for child's career decisions and a way of preparing for it.

Mission Statement

To enable the students to meet the challenges of New era and their contribution to the society and nation. To enable the students to realize their maximum potential and impart excellent education. To make the students culturally adaptable, socially adjustable, mature and globally sensitive. To create a healthy atmosphere that nourishes innovation, spirit of humanity, simple living-high thinking, sacrifice and selfless service.

Our School prepares children to adapt, perform, excel, succeed and contribute to rapidly changing society and thus make our society a better place to live.

We will ensure that our children develop dynamic skills which provide essential competencies towards successful and sustainable development of the emerging Creative economy.

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