Faclities and Infrastructure

We have all facilities and infrastructure required for the overall growth and development of each child which includes academic development and development of a child’s abilities in all other areas of performance like sports, art & craft, music, dance, yoga, public speaking etc. We have the following infrastructure to achieve our objective:

  1. 1.) Well equipped computer laboratories with internet facility and free wi-fi in school campus.
  2. 2.) Mathematics lab for the activities of the subject related tasks.
  3. 3.) Laboratory for Physics
  4. 4.) Laboratory for Chemistry
  5. 5.) Laboratory for Biology
  6. 6.) Multipurpose hall for various activities
  7. 7.) Dance Room with all facilities
  8. 8.) Music Room with all musical instruments and facilities
  9. 9.) Playground for various sporting events
  10. 10.) Basket ball court
  11. 11.) Badminton court
  12. 12.) Backup electricity facility
  13. 13.) Well furnished Library with variety of textbooks, reference books, novels etc.

1. School & Building

School has spacious, airy classrooms furnished with suitable furniture, fans, tube light, large green ceramic boards and notice boards.

2. Physical Quantities

  • • School have own arrangement of drinking water through aqua gaurds & water Coolers.
  • • School has big generator sets to provide uninterrupted supply.
  • • School has blossoming flower beds & pots decorative trees & lawns.
  • • High Level of sanitation is mentioned all the time.

3. Academic sphere

The foremost aim of school is to provide and maintain high standard of education as reflected by the excellent home exam results. Factors contributing to this high standard are:-
• Complete support & constant guidance of management.
• Incessant academic and administrative supervision by competent Principal.
• Industrious efforts of highly qualified dedicated & dynamic teachers.
• Regular extra classes for the week as well as the talented.
• Guidance & counseling for profession courses & Competitions.

4. Science Laboratories

To inculcate scientific knowledge & attitude school have spacious, furnished well equipped Physics, Chemistry & Biology Lab.

5. Computer Lab

To instill interest & expertise in information technology, Computer Education is imparted from Class I to XI. Introductory Computer Science can be offered in class XI as one of the electives. Two large computer lab of the latest model computers have been provided in school.

6. Library

To inspire students to acquire additional knowledge & to develop in them a taste of reading. School have fully furnished vast library hall containing academic, informative and inspiring book. Library provided with large no. of reference books including encyclopedias. A large no. f daily newspaper, weekly & monthly magazines and educational journals are subscribed.

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